Armouring level IIIA

The future of shielding high performance

UDura Black® is an opaque armor level IIIA developed for the armoring market for super sports vehicles and the luxury segment. The material is more resistant, offers greater security to users and is up to four times lighter than conventional armor.

Lightest material on the market;

Lighter by 20% compared to Aramid braided fabric and up to 80% when compared to Stainless Steel. It improves the performance of the vehicle, reducing from 50kg to 80kg in the armor, thus slowing down the wear of the vehicle's safety items, such as brakes, suspension, among others.

Innovative material
ideal for sports vehicles

The UDura ballistic compound was developed and patented based on the manufacturing technology of Twaron by Teijin yarn composite materials, bringing to the market a product with high ballistic performance and incomparable lightness.

UDura has all homologations required by the Brazilian Army, in level IIIA armor

Its innovative manufacture guarantees ballistic performance up to nine times more resistant than other materials with all the certifications required by the market.

Armouring level IIIA 50 to 80kg + Lightweight than conventional.

Udura® and UDura Black® perform among the safest opaque shields on the market, with level IIIA, durability and incomparable lightness. UDura unidirectional technology revolutionizes and evolves Brazilian automotive armor.