Armouring level IIIA

50 to 80kg + Lightweight than conventional.

The evolution of the combination of new and old materials, as well as the search for new manufacturing methods, cutting-edge equipment and unremitting studies, the persistence and perspicacity in search of continuous quality improvement bring to the market an innovative and revolutionary product, the UDura® (Unidirectional Technology).

Column installation and impact absorption

Innovative parts development system with three-dimensional (3D) laser arm from the original vehicles ensures that the modeled parts have their perfect fit to the contours and interiors of the vehicles, with specific design for each car model.

Modeling and installation

After the development of the 3D projects, the models of the parts are taken to the CNC Machining Center of 07 axes so that the molds are made. Each vehicle model receives an average of 24 molds of 3D parts to protect the entire interior of the vehicle.

The main
advantages of UDura®

  • Lightest material on the market;
  • Up to 80 kg lighter than steel / aramid;
  • Does not impact vehicle performance;
  • Provides less wear on safety items such as brakes and suspension;
  • Reduces the vehicle's center of gravity, minimizing the risk of overturning in winding curves or at high speed;
  • Anti-UV and water-repellent protection;
  • Energy dissipation;
  • Impact absorption;
  • Less internal noise due to 3D part modeling;
  • Better cost benefit with less aggression to the vehicle;
  • 10-year guaranty, which can be extended by another 10;
  • Valuation at resale by extended guaranty;
  • Uncomplicated installation.

Brazilian Technology

Developed and patented based on the manufacturing technology of carbon fiber composite materials, Ser-Company brings to the market a product with high ballistic performance and incomparable lightness. Its innovative manufacturing guarantees a performance up to nine times more resistant than other materials, with a difference of 20% in weight compared to Aramid braided fabric and up to 80% compared to stainless steel. It preserves the vehicle's performance, reducing from 50kg to 80kg in armor, thus slowing down the wear and tear of vehicle safety items, such as brakes, suspension, among others. It has more efficient protection against the degradation of ballistic fiber, allowing the extension of the validity period to 10 years.

Armouring level IIIA 50 to 80kg + Lightweight than conventional.

Udura® and UDura Black® perform among the safest opaque shields on the market, with level IIIA, durability and incomparable lightness. UDura unidirectional technology revolutionizes and evolves Brazilian automotive armor.